Tips For Your First Father's Day


The time is finally here to celebrate your very first Father’s Day! You are probably experiencing a mixture of feelings — pride, happiness, fear, and definitely sleep deprivation. People are probably giving you advice from every direction, and you will eventually find that a lot of it is quite useful. One bit of advice that new parents tend to forget is taking care of themselves. With a new baby to worry about, it can be easy to ignore your own needs. In order to take proper care of your new bundle of joy, you need to be healthy and that includes spinal health. With the stress of a new arrival, your back often takes on a lot of extra stress. Here are our tips to help new dads remember to care for their spine.

Get Some Rest

We know this is no easy feat for new parents, but it’s important to get rest when you can. As your body becomes more and more tired, your muscles begin to suffer putting your lower back into overdrive as it picks up the majority of the work. This eventually leads to pain, suffering, and long-term injury.

Lift With Your Legs

This one is a classic that never gets old to us! You might think you only need to lift with your legs when it comes to heavy objects like furniture. But that little baby of yours is going to get heavy, and it’s going to happen fast. To keep your back protected over time, practice proper lifting now. Avoid stooping over at your waist and instead bend with your knees. This is especially important when changing diapers. Try to do diaper changes on surfaces that prevent you from staying bent over. It might not seem like much of a difference now, but it certainly will after thousands of dirty diapers!

Chiropractic Care

Raising a family is tough work, so make things easier on yourself with regular chiropractic care. When you make chiropractic part of your healthcare routine, you set yourself up for a number of health benefits. Regular adjustments help your spine stay in proper alignment, which helps relieve pain, prevent injury, and boost the overall wellness of the body.

Chiropractic is an important part of healthcare in all phases of life, and especially so for new parents. Contact us for more information or to schedule your next adjustment.