Is Your Big Wallet Causing Big Problems?

Most people think a big wallet is a good thing, but did you know it can cause big problems for your back? If you’re one to stuff a big wallet into your back pocket, perhaps that is the root of your pain. Both wallet sciatica and hip-pocket syndrome are very real conditions that you want to avoid. Here are our tips to keep back pain associated with big wallets at bay!

Is your wallet helping or hurting?

There’s no denying the convenience of wallets. They carry our credit cards, cash, and stack of loyalty cards that haven’t been touched in years. Sure, it’s hard to let go, but for the sake of your back it is time!

Even if your wallet is slim, it is never a good idea to sit on it all day. When you keep your wallet in your back pocket while seated, you create asymmetry between your pelvis and hips which can lead to leg and low back pain. That imbalance can affect your body from your neck all the way to your buttocks, as each part of your body will try to compensate for that uneven tilt of your hips and pelvis.

If this goes on for a long period of time, it can even cause issues with your spinal discs, muscles, and spinal joints leading to pain, dysfunction, and even degenerative issues.

So, what is the solution? Don’t just move that wallet to your front pocket! That causes a pinch between your torso and thigh that can also lead to pain. To avoid these issues altogether, just take your wallet out of your pants pock when sitting down.

Our Suggestions

A big old wallet just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to living pain-free. Here are our tips:

  • The Classic Money Clip - Keep it simple and classy with a money clip. The whole point we are making here is for you to carry around less stuff.

  • Minimalist wallet - These wallets jut don’t have the room to build up a brick size stack of loyalty cards. It is also slim enough to fit easily into your jacket or shirt front pocket.

Don’t let the bulk of a big wallet be the cause of your back pain. Even a small step like carrying around less weight can help relieve pain. For more tips on back pain relief and to learn how our team of chiropractic professionals can help you, just click here!