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Is Your Big Wallet Causing Big Problems?

Most people think a big wallet is a good thing, but did you know it can cause big problems for your back? If you’re one to stuff a big wallet into your back pocket, perhaps that is the root of your pain. Both wallet sciatica and hip-pocket syndrome are very real conditions that you want to avoid. Here are our tips to keep back pain associated with big wallets at bay!

What's The Deal With Slipped Discs?

If you're familiar with chiropractic care, you've probably heard of a slipped disc. Did you know that term is not correct? Discs don't slip, though they can bulge. And if that happens, we can help! Get complete details in Chiropractic Care Blog.

Tips To Protect Your Low Back

Lower back injuries are one of the most common injuries we see. As the spine bends and twists, the low back endures most of the strain. Many lower back pain episodes are caused by muscle strain. Here are some tips to help you prevent lower back injury. Get complete details in Chiropractic Care Blog.