“I previously went to another chiropractor and what took me months to recover from before has taken just a few visits. They are thorough and are primarily concerned with making you feel comfortable and making a plan that you agree with. I would highly recommend them.”
— Misty M.
“After having a suvire migraine for 4 days straight, I for the first time went and got adjusted and had a cold laser treatment done. I felt relief right away and completly after the next day of going again. Everyone at shields chiropractic are super friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this office.”
— Javier A.
“Highly recommend going there. Friendly staff and very helpful!“
— Heidi R.
“I have been going to Shields Chiropractic for nearly a year and every time I walk in I am always greeted by multiple smiling faces. The doctors are very knowledgeable and the massage therapist and other girls are amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
— Jayann S.
“This place is amazing! The doctors and staff are so friendly and make you feel so good about yourself! They take time to really listen to you. I can’t say enough good things about this business!!!!“
— Kathleen T.M.
“Great, friendly, caring & knowledgable staff! Definitely the right choice!“
— Shoun W.
“I’ve had neck problems for a couple years causing pain and severe headaches and my doctor recommended a chiropractor I was scared at first but the staff at Shields are so friendly they know pretty much everyone by name when they walk in the door! The doctors are very nice and sound very concerned and within the first couple visits I’ve been feeling much better less headaches and less neck pains would recommend them to anyone“
— Brianna H.
“Caring, healing, treat you like family. Everyone welcomes you.”
— Norma Y.
“I have been having hip and back pain for yrs. Family Dr said next step would be surgery and I was not ok with that at my age. I took the advice if a friend and came into the Clinic. I was very nervous. After my 4th adjustment,I slept through the nite without waking up in pain. I have a lot more mobility after just a week and a half. I so wish I would have done this years ago. The Drs and Staff are so nice and very informative. Love them.“
— Kris W.B.
“I started going to shields chiropractor Care three weeks ago and I would highly recommend Them for overall to have good health. They are a very caring concern and help you in all aspects of your injury or complaints of your health and body. I was in a very severe car accident which I was pinned underneath the dashboard I cracked the steering wheel in half from the neck down and with this accident I had neck injury back injury hip injury and a blow to the face. ( broken jaw, tmj now, lost teeth, lower lip ripped off, 196 stitches put back on) With this creating many mobility issues to me and being told I would never walk again , with the grace of God , i proved that having chiropractor care has brought tremendously good health to me , resolved a lot of my injuries and the care they give to me. I now don’t have tingling numbness in my fingers,wrist , arms, no muscle tremmers, neck and hip area. With this accident I have a balance issue which I have taken some bad falls acouple times but with chiropractic care that has resolved a lot of my feelings of better balance walking movement linement of my back spine area neck movement. Not only do you have adjustments they offer awesome massages, which has tremendously helped me in all movement of my body, cold laser therapy is awesome, nutrition facts, exercises and any thing you want to know they are there for you. I want to say thankyou to Dr Dense, for your awesome Chriopractor care and Dr. J and supporting staff for your awesome care to me too. The place to go is Shield Chriopractor Care, blessings Beth B”
— Beth B.
“I have lived with Degenerative Disks for 25 years and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis 12 years ago. I’m 3 weeks in at Shields Chiropractic and am feeling better than I have in a long time. I already don’t have as much of the burning and aching as I normally do. I love the fact they put me on a regiment instead of just “come in as needed”. They have a plan for me, and it’s working. Everyone in the office is great, always a smile, and whether you’re hurting or just want to relax, get a message, they don’t disappoint!“
— Cindy H.
“I would highly recommend Shields Chiropractic. Everyone is very friendly you walk in and feel like they are waiting serve you. Hardly any wait time. Doctors are great and all the staff work are great working team.“
— Louisa O.
“The staff is very friendly and professional! I felt so much better after My visit!”
— Randall T.
“I thru out my back an im walking a lot better now thank you guys for all the help. My whole family go’s here an we love you guy’s“
— Marlana D.H.
“I came in with back pain, neck pain, and wrist pain, shields chiropractic has helped me get back to well non-pain life!“
— Tyeric S.
“Let me put it this way, I travel 45 min just to go here, and I’d travel farther if I needed to. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but this AWESOME team at Shields Chiropractic!
I just had twins in July, and all three of us get adjusted here. The staff is EXTREMELY welcoming and knowledgeable. I had never been to a chiropractor or had a massage before, so I was nervous to say the least, and the staff made sure to answer any and all questions I’ve ever had, and walk me through everything that needed to be done. When you walk in the door you are greeted with a smile and you are called by your first name! Everyone makes sure to get to know you and ask how things are going, and you always feel like you are a priority, not just a paycheck.”
— Scarlet O.
“The Doctors and their staff are very thorough and helpful. They’ve been helping me with my lower back pain for a few weeks and it is a night and day difference since I started coming.“
— Carter M.
“Personable staff. Professional doctors who take time to explain causes and treatments. I have used them on several occasions over the years and have always been satisfied with my treatment results.”
— Google Reviewer
“I’ve had back pain that when it kicks in I can’t walk at all. I started going here a couple years ago. Whenever the pain kicks in, I stop in for adjustments and the pain goes away. I don’t know what I would have ever done if I never started going here. I will always have my issue. Comes from falling off my horse one two many times but I will always bide by these guys! The staff is always so friendly and care about your conditions. It’s really nice to go somewhere and have them know you by name and remember the things you talked about sinc the first time you’ve been there. Thank you for helping me each and every time I come.“
— Ashley B.B.
“I’ve been with shields chiropractic for almost 7 years. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Not only are their personalities positive and uplifting but they are always coming up with new ways to help you heal in any way they can. They make your problems seem like theirs. They are without a doubt, like a family to me. I couldn’t imagine going to any other chiropractor.“
— Amanda M.
“Everyone is very nice and always calls me by name. I feel better because I come here. It makes a difference in my life!“
— Terri D.
“Wonderful staff and Dr’s they r the best, the first day I came in about two weeks ago I was in so much pain, but now I feel better then what I did when I walked in here ty“
— Suzanne P.
“They are great. I had my left hip out ..they out it back.and helped me a lot…“
— Carol H.
“I couldn’t stand up straight and was in severe pain before coming in here. Both Doctors have been amazing on getting me back to feeling fabulous again. The staff is friendly and very accommodating and always holding my boys accountable for there exercises to insure we get the best results and care possible.“
— Correna S.G.
“Super Service and Super Staff“
— Aaron H.
“They are very professional and have done a great job working with my son after his accident. I highly recommend Dr Dense and his staff.“
— Brenda M.
“Wow, what a great experience! Completely thorough, just what the neurologist ordered and I can get an alignment and massage in 1 visit at 1 time. Kudos to the professional staff. Thank you!“
— Tessie S.
“Dr. Dense and Dr. Barrigar are the best chiropractors my family has ever had. Their attention to detail and drive to help others is impeccable. The staff is very attentive and friendly while the atmosphere is well thought out and comfortable. We utilize the chiropractic care, cold laser therapy and rock taping for my high school athlete and it keeps him injury free and always ready for the next competition. Thank you Shields Chiropractic!!“
— Corbin K.
“The staff and doctors are wonderful. I have had nothing but good care from them. They are all very friendly. They have your best interest all the time. They have continued to help me when my neck and shoulder and try new things to get it better. I will continue to recommend Shields Chiropractic.“
— Mary O.K.
“Dr. Dense is the best!! The office staff are friendly and the whole environment is very welcoming!“
— Melody K.
“The staff does an amazing job. Started going due to Sciatica and I have already experienced a lot of relief and noticed benefits already after only couple weeks. I would highly recommend Shield’s Chiropractic.“
— Jeremy G.
“Great knowledge and a super staff. ☺ I highly recommend Shields Chiropractic services“
— Jim K.
“Great place, Great Doctors! Super staff that treat you like family. If you are in pain, or would like a massage, this is were you want to go.“
— John T.
“The staff and doctors are so helpful, upbeat and kind! You will walk out feeling physically better!“
— Marie B.
“Highly recommend Shields Chiropractic to everyone. The staff is friendly & easy to work with. Doctors are very caring and take the time to listen to your concerns. Massages are amazing too!“
— Susan L.
“No more headaches highly recommend!!“
— Lacey B.
“Great staff and atmosphere. They are efficient don’t ever have to wait long.”
— Melissa L.
“Staff is always kind and courteous. They listen to what you have to say about your condition / issues and give you the best treatment possible.“
— Zack L.
“I feel much better since going and the staff is the best“
— Craig C.
“Amazing staff! All knowledgeable and thorough. Friendly, cheerful and upbeat atmosphere!“
— Kara F.S.
“The Doctors and staff are great! Before coming here, I was unable to raise my left arm. Needless to say, Im moving much better. Thanks to the great staff at Shields Chiropractic.“
— Margarett H.
“The office staff are efficient and very friendly. I never seem to have to wait for my procedures. Doctor Dense is very caring and knowledgable, and has helped me with my neck & back issues.
I would definitely recommend him and his office staff.”
— Mary A.B.
“The staff are great!! Doctors are great!!! All together a great experience coming to shields chiropractic you will not be disappointed!!!“
— Avery W.
“The staff is great and they also have massage therapy to help those sore achy muscles. I have tried physical therapy except it’s not the same results that chiropractic does to heal and improve your health. I’ve had lower back problems and siactica for many years and getting adjusted, cold laser and a massage has improved my problems. This is the only place I get pain relief from and I recommend these awesome chiropractors they are very knowledgeable.

THEY ARE AWESOME AND THEY’LL HELP YOU improve your health and well being !!!!!“
— Lupe G.W.
“Great doctors and very friendly, welcoming staff! Love that you can walk-in and get adjusted quickly. Nothing but positive things to say!“
— Kayla L.
“A very nice place nice staff very freindly and remember your name“
— Al G.
“The doctors and staff are great!! They have great personalities and are always willing to help and make sure your chiropractic experience is the best it can be!!! My 2yr old is even welcomed in the conversation and able to get adjusted!! Definitely recommended by our whole family!!!!“
— Kayla W.
“I walked in yesterday and could hardly move. Came back today for my second adjustment and follow up, and I feel so much better. All the staff remembered my “crippled” self and told me they were happy I was feeling better. Plus their SAC and military discounts are fabulous!“
— Rachel H.
“Shields Chiropractic is a family friendly office who go above and beyond to help patients! The doctors are great and help in anyway they can to help.“
— Patti H.
“Shields Chiropractic is awesome!! Bree rocks my socks!!!! 🙂“
— Magdalena D.
“I take my 15 month old to Dr Barrigar. She has always rolled over onto her belly and tucked her legs under her to sleep. After 1 adjustment, she laid flat for the first time when being put to bed. She’s never done this. She has also been on Miralax because her digestive tract seems to always be blocked. After each adjustment, she has gone without issue and I haven’t used the laxative since her 1st adjustment. I know it isn’t always easy working with a baby as a patient but Dr B does a great job and I would recommend him for any pediatric care.“
— Misty W.
“Everyone at Shields Chiropractic have been awesome. The staff & physicians are efficient, caring, and professional. After 1 month of treatment I’m feeling 90% better. Two thumbs up!!.“
— Maranie H.
“The staff is amazing, very friendly environment and the Doctors are cool and down to earth. The treatments helped multiple problems including headaches, stress and acid reflux. EXCELLENT CHOICE“
— Gary C.
“Dr. Dense is awesome! He helped my daughter immensely whose body takes a beating in pom pons.“
— Edie D.C.
“Staff is great. You can get in and out in a timely manner. Doctors listen to what you have to say and address your issues. I always feel great when i leave this place.“
— Jason J.
“Very friendly staff, awesome massage therapists, and the best doctors. I am seeing (and feeling) improvement with each adjustment.“
— Cheryl K.C.
“Fantastic! Positive atmosphere! Outstanding service! Genuine, caring doctors. I honestly could go on and on about how great Shield’s Chiropractic staff and doctors are. I’ve never been to a doctors office or many places for that matter, where they remember your name and greet you at the door with big smiles on there faces. The staff makes it easy to voice concerns and questions. Dr. Barriger & Dr. Dense are professional, down to earth and funny more importantly understanding. They honestly have one of THE best doctors office in the Tri-Cities/Saginaw area. I highly recommend Shield’s Chiropractic!“
— Joni K.
“Dr. Dense is the best! The office staff are excellent! If your looking for a great Chriopractor look no further! You will not be disappointed. He has help my family so much!“
— Melody K.
“Shields Chiropractic is a great place. The staff is friendly and awesome. The doctors are very knowledgeable and give great advice when asked about proper techniques to take care of yourself. Love going to them after shoveling, softball, or coming back from vacation.“
— John F.
“Love my massage from Liz, she always get my right on point!“
— Lisa F.
“You won’t be disappointed! Make your appointment today!“
— Doug K.
“Great care and the staff will do anything to help!“
— Joshua V.
“I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The whole staff does an amazing job!“
— Holly T.B.
“Superb knowledge and friendly staff. I would recommend Shields Chiropractic to anyone. Very professional business“
— Jim K.
“Have some amazing massage therapists and Dr. Dense gives great adjustments! After over a decade of migraines, this is the only place where I can truly find pain relief! Thanks for always being so great!!“
— Amanda A.C.
“Excellent services, I have conic pain and the adjustments, cold laser and massage are a huge relief.“
— Laura C.
“Dr Barrigar has been treating my daughter and is amazing with her. Would recommend him for any pediatric care. He is very gentle with a not-so-still 16 month old. You can tell he’s a dad by how great he is with her.“
— Wilson
“I just left there great service and great staff back already feels better“
— David L.C.
“Dr. Barriger and Dr. Dense are great doctors. They have both been helpful every time I go in for an adjustment. If I ever have a question regarding proper care for my back, they always have an answer that I can understand. I always go there after I shovel, play softball, and even after a vacation“
— John F.
“Amazing! 1 week ago I could hardly walk. After just 2 visits I was almost back to normal thanks to the Lazar Tech and the Dr’s adjustments and his super staff.“
— Chuck S.
“Great care and the staff will do anything to help!“
— Joshua V.
“My girlfriend has been going here for 2 weeks now and is pregnant they have taken great care of her she says she feels a 100% better I also can tell it is helping her Thank you so much!“
— Scott S.
“Awesome!!! You need to go there. The staff & Doctors are so nice and friendly.“
— Sandy L.
“Great people; they are good at making ya feel better!“
— Brenda S.