Chiropractic Care: A Winter Necessity

We may be ready for spring, but winter is still here. When you think of the winter season, some things just come to mind: open fires, snowmen, the cold and flu. There is no denying that winter time means paying extra attention to your health and wellness. Cold weather presents unique challenges to your health beyond the cold and flu. Instead of hunkering down for the rest of the winter season, learn how chiropractic can help you stay healthy.

Joint Pain? No thanks!

Remember how your great-aunt used to always say her knee pain could predict a blizzard? Well, she wasn’t making it up! Cold weather does have an impact on your joints and can make joint pain worse.

As the temperature drops outside, the fluid inside your joints moves less freely. That fluid’s job is to act as a lubricant to help your joints function properly, but when cold weather comes, your joints become stiff and painful. That’s right - your frozen shoulder might just be from freezing temperatures!

Chiropractic care can help your joints move freely while restoring your range of motion and reducing pain. At Shields Chiropractic, we perform effective and gentle chiropractic adjustments to the joints toe help them function as they should.

Get Moving!

When you wake up on a freezing cold morning, your first thought probably isn’t, “I have to rush out of my warm cozy bed and get to the gym!”. In the winter months, inactivity is common. Cold temperatures make just leaving the house a challenge, let along going to the gym. This lick of activity and movement has an effect on your health and can cause weight gain along with added stress on your joints. Make a commitment to yourself to get moving, even if it is for just a few minutes at a time to get started. Every little bit counts toward the goal of 20-30 minutes of daily moderate activity!

Chiropractic care can help keep your body functioning optimally, no matter what the temperature is outside. Don’t let the cold weather slow you down this year…your body will thank you for years to come!