Feet: They're Your Foundation!

When you think of the basics of chiropractic medicine and chiropractors in general, you probably think of the spine, right? That may be the major focal point for us chiropractors, but if we look down just a bit further, we see a body part that is often neglected.

We’re talking about your feet! The very underappreciated foot is pretty amazing if you think about it. Your feet are flexible, strong enough to carry hundreds of pounds, and are home to a whopping 26 bones — a quarter of the bones in your entire body! All of these bones, along with soft tissues and tendons, work in unison whether you’re walking, dancing, kicking, or just standing to keep you balanced.

When you think about all the abuse your feet take, it’s no wonder they are prone to musculoskeletal issues. We might treat ourselves to cushy insoles or a pedicure every once in a while, but most of us don’t put too much thought into the bones of our feet and whether or not they are properly aligned.

This is unfortunate because if even one bone is your foot is misaligned, your entire stance and gait can be thrown off, causing a chain reaction that affects the rest of your body, including your hips, knees, and back. Other conditions include:

  • Heel pain: Painful conditions like plantar fasciitis can have many causes, but one of the major ones is poor biomechanics of the foot.

  • Ball of foot pain: Throughout the day, we put a lot of weight on the balls of our feet. If any of the long forefoot bones become misaligned, you might experience weight distribution interference. Misaligned foot joints can also be the cause of painful conditions including Morton's Neuroma.

  • Ankle instability and/or pain: Previous strains and sprains can lead to tendon and muscle instability, which can create subluxations in the ankle joint.

If you’ve been ignoring your foot pain, it is time to kick that habit to the curb. Click here to contact us and schedule a chiropractic adjustment. Our team is happy to provide the Saginaw community with gentle, effective, and targeted adjustments to keep your body in great alignment and great health!