Back To School Tips for Teachers

When it comes to back to school preparation, most people think about how to make sure the kids are best prepared. We’ve got you covered with Back to School Basics, but chiropractic isn’t just important for kids. Teachers face hours of going back and forth between standing up and hunching over desks. It’s no surprise that back pain is so common for educators!

We’ve treated a number of teachers here at Shields Chiropractic, and we can help teachers of all types stay healthy and pain-free all year long, which helps improve performance in the classroom. Here are our back pain tips for teachers.

Teaching is Tough!

Teaching is much more physically demanding than more people realize. Teachers are often up early to arrive in the morning before everyone else and stay hours after the last student has left. They spend much of their time creating lesson plans, quizzes, activities, and tests and teach multiple classes throughout the day. Teaching also requires a lot of standing and talking. These factors combined with the physical demands and stress of the job leave many teachers with aching feet and back. Fortunately, chiropractic can help!

Teaching Pains

Studies have found that teachers experience many physical demands, meaning musculoskeletal disorders are common. The most commonly affected areas of the body for teachers are the shoulders, back, and wrists but pain in the legs, knees, feet, and neck are also common.

Chiropractic Can Help

Studies have also found that chiropractic is an excellent form of treatment for the physical requirements of teaching. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations remove joint restrictions, allowing the body to function optimally and heal as it should. Our team of chiropractic professionals can also advise on proper nutrition, stretching, exercise, and more to lessen the risk of injury and reduce pain. We can even recommend the right kind of supportive footwear for long days on your feet!

Many of our patients report improved sleep quality, fewer headaches, better posture, a stronger immune system, and improved cognitive function in as little as one chiropractic adjustment, all of which are important for teachers.

If you are a teacher, let Shields Chiropractic show you the benefits of gentle and effective chiropractic care. Click here to contact us and schedule a consultation today!