Chiropractic Care for Athletes


Experts have determined that approximately 90% of world-class athletes receive regular chiropractic treatments. Whether it is the NHL, NBA, MLB, college athletes, or olympians. athletes enjoy many benefits from chiropractic…but it’s not just for the professionals!

Whether you are a fitness fanatic, someone who enjoys a casual scrimmage on the weekends, or just beginning your fitness journey, chiropractic care might be just what your fitness regimen needs. Chiropractic may be just the answer you’re looking for to improve your workouts. Here’s how it can help:

Performance Enhancement

Athletes of all abilities find the potential that chiropractic treatments have for enhancing their athletic performance to be enough reason to give it a try. For more serious athletes, the difference between a win and loss could be mere fractions of a second. Regular chiropractic adjustments can better your athletic performance through:

  • Coordination: Hand-eye coordination is a must for actions like catching, throwing, or hitting a ball. A study conducted by Palmer College of Chiropractic on the impacts of chiropractic care on athletic performance determined participants had a 30% improvement in hand-eye coordination after only 12 weeks of chiropractic treatment.

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is determined by muscle length. Overuse, postural imbalances, and injuries can all have negative effects on flexibility, and regular chiropractic treatments can help athletes overcome those setbacks.

  • Strength: Chiropractic can reduce pain and promotes faster recovery, which leads to more efficient training. Then results is that athletes have a better opportunity to build both strength and endurance.

  • Balance: As an athlete, to prevent injury of and off the field, there is a need to be able to move and respond quickly without losing balance. The musculoskeletal system is kept balanced and functioning optimally with chiropractic care, which makes it easier for athletes to maintain their balance.

  • Range of Motion: Range of motion measures how well a joint moves. Flexibility is important in relation to your range of motion, but the health of the joint and surrounding tissues also matter. When pain, structural imbalances, or injury limit an athlete's range of motion, their athletic performance suffers. Athletes can enjoy an optimal range of motion with the help of chiropractic adjustments that correct imbalances and misalignments.

If you are an athlete ready to experience the benefits of chiropractic care, or just have more questions, contact us and we will be happy to help!