Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain


It is quite common for us to have patients come in complaining of shoulder pain. Typically, people will wait until they have almost no range of motion to seek treatment. Their shoulder joint is stuck in place, which is why this is referred to as frozen shoulder. Here are some tips to help with frozen shoulder:

For starters, if you have an injury with your rotator cuff, and you've seen a chiropractor or physical therapist, follow their professional recommendations! Any kind of physical therapy can flare up your body for a period of time, but this is because your muscles are weakened and not working properly. If you experience discomfort, speak with your PT or chiropractor and they will make adjustments to your treatment.

Secondly, at Shields Chiropractic, our treatment recommendations usually involve breaking up the adhesions between muscles combined with intense muscle work. Sometimes it hurts, but after enough sessions, your frozen joint will be freed up and your muscles loosened. In addition to our treatment, we will also do shoulder adjustments to restore normal motion.

The third thing you need to know is that nearly all shoulder issues have some spinal involvement. If a patient suffers from shoulder problems, it is almost always associated with upper back or neck issues as well. While exercises for your shoulder will help, it is also important to have the proper spinal alignment. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help to restore the proper motion for your frozen shoulder and will also help to prevent future injury.

As always, for help with your shoulder (or any other issues), call our office to see how we can help!