Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks


The holiday season is quickly approaching and Thanksgiving is almost here. You’re probably already making holiday preparations, menu planning, and travel itineraries. But in all of the Thanksgiving hustle and bustle, have you stopped to think about your health, and more specifically, your back? From travelling in cramped seats to laying around after a big meal, Thanksgiving can create some real risks for your joints and spine. Here are our tips to protect your body during the holiday season.

Heavy Lifting

Holiday travel means heavy suitcases and backpacks. Lifting them in and out of the car or storage compartment in the airplane can be a real risk for your back. And it doesn’t end there, because a big meal means a big turkey. Taking it out of the oven can certainly be tricky. When lifting heavy things, remember to bend and lift at the knees. When it comes to your turkey, the oven door might make that difficult. If you’re serving an especially big bird, have someone help you to avoid back pain. It may not be the perfect lifting form, but if you lessen the load on your back and joints, your body will thank you.

So Much Standing!

Whether you’re standing all day at the airport or in the kitchen, too much standing can fatigue and strain your leg and back muscles, and even create compression of your spinal discs. Try to rest frequently, or peel those potatoes while sitting on a stool at the counter or a chair at the kitchen table. You can also start your prep work the day before, which will save you from overdoing it on the day of. Not only will that create less stress for your body, but also for your mind.

Hungry? You Can Help!

How many times have you been stuck doing the majority of the work for Thanksgiving by yourself? Instead of trying to tackle every task on your own, delegate some responsibilities. The little ones can help set the table while older kids can peel vegetables. Someone lazing about on the couch? Put them on duty to distribute dishes. Spreading the work around will create a more enjoyable environment and you will save your joints and muscles from fatigue, strain, and misalignments.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

We are all about looking nice for Thanksgiving dinner, but meal prep time is not ideal for your nice shoes. Wear a pair of cushiony and supportive sneakers or comfortable shoes while getting ready. This will be a big help in keeping your pelvis, hips, and knees aligned. Grippy soles will also reduce the chances of slip and fall accidents, which can lead to severe pain. Once it’s time for pictures, slip on your party shoes!

Enjoy the Holiday

In all the craziness leading up to Thanksgiving, remember to take some time for self-care. Regular chiropractic adjustments will have your body performing optimally and are also a great way to escape for a little bit of “you” time while ensuring your joints and spine are in the best shape possible. Thanksgiving can certainly be a lot of work, but by following our tips, you’ll be able to give thanks for a healthy back this year!