The Caffeine/Chiropractic Connection

Do you start your day with a steaming cup of coffee? If you’re like most American adults, you consume at least one cup of coffee a day — you might even be drinking one right now! Coffee is so well-loved, it even has its own national holiday (Sept. 29th!), so to get in the spirit, let’s learn about the connection between chiropractic and caffeine.

Chiropractic/Caffeine Connection

Chiropractic was developed on the premise that spinal adjustments help the central nervous system function optimally. As enjoyable as a steaming cup of coffee is, we don’t need it to have healthy central nervous systems, but it can give your body a boost! Not only does caffeine improve your energy, but there is also evidence that it improves your thinking capabilities, too. When the caffeine from a cup of coffee is absorbed into your bloodstream, it travels to your brain and alters how it functions. Caffeine blocks the neurotransmitter called Adenosine, which causes other neurotransmitters (like dopamine) to fire off. This elevates your mood, improves logical reasoning skills, reaction times, and your attention span.

A Healthy Heart

You’ve probably heard that caffeine can isn’t great for your heart, and while that is true if you drink it in excess, there is evidence that moderate coffee consumption can lead to an 11% lower risk of heart failure.

Weight Loss Wonder?

The boost you enjoy from a cup of coffee is good for more than your brain; it also causes your body to burn more calories. Some studies show that caffeine boosts the body’s metabolic rate from 3-11%, and others show the body’s ability to burn fat is increased by as much as 30%!

Peak Physical Performance

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is performing at the top of your physical game. You already know that chiropractic can improve your athletic ability, but did you know caffeine can? Studies show that caffeine stimulates the nervous system, triggering adrenaline, which is the fight or flight hormone in the body that preps it for physical exertion. A cup of coffee can improve your physical performance by 10% or more, though the benefits are more pronounced in endurance sports like running, swimming, or biking. You might just want to enjoy a cup before your next workout.

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